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Bowwow Haus

Organic, vegan + YUMMY doggie shampoo!

We're bringing in a new line of the yummiest-smelling doggie shampoos and spritzes (arriving at BWH on April 21!) - in four cookie scents: Sugar Sugar, Strawberry Shortbread, Lemon Drop and Mint & Chip. (Also safe for our feline friends...)

Most importantly, Cookie Moon Doggie Wash provides your dog with a safe, gentle, non-irritating shampoo experience. Made from natural and organic ingredients without artificial colors or dyes, these shampoo do not incorporate harsh ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, DEA's, MEA's etc. Instead, Decyl Polyglucose is used as the cleansing agent.

Decyl Polyglucose is extremely gentle, fully biodegradable and derived truly from corn, glucose and starch. Many shampoo companies will label their surfactant (cleanser) as coconut derived or coconut based which is another way to say sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate derived. Sulfates are chemicals used in many of the shampoos on the market today and can also be found in products that strip paint off the walls or in products that clean the grease off engine parts. YUCK!

Combined with organic herbs to protect and calm, botanical extracts to promote and maintain hair growth, organic sweet almond oil to aid in moisturizing your doggie's coat, organic apple cider vinegar to naturally fight off pesky fleas, and organic aloe vera to soothe any skin irritations - this shampoo is an excellent choice for sensitive doggies.

The spritzes are equally yummy - made with purified water, vodka, aloe vera, almond oil - and other all-natural ingredients.

We're the first (and for now, only!) shop in Vancouver to carry this sweet line - so be sure to come check it out!



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