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Bowwow Haus

Sharing the Love :: BC Chihuahua Rescue

At our next Small Dog Mingle on Sunday, June 26 - we'll be collecting donations of new/used clothing, toys, and other supplies for the BC Chihuahua Rescue group.

Here are some of the items currently on their Wish List. If there's anything in your lucky pooch's closet you'd like to share, pls bring them along with you and we'll organize getting all the goodies out to the less fortunate chis still awaiting their forever homes.
Dog leashes, collars and sweaters New dog toys and/or accessories Doggy beds and blankets Pet carriers, new and like-new High quality dog food for small breeds and/or treats Canadian Tire money to buy dog supplies


URGENT - doggie needs foster home ASAP

We received the following e-mail through our doggie networks.  If you can help, please e-mail us and we'll pass along the contact info of the person who e-mailed us ASAP:

"I know its an odd request and mass emails aren't typical of me but this is a special case.

I've been involved working with a great dog with a troubled past at the Delta Animal Shelter for the past 6 months.  The dog is an amazing mastiff/sheppard cross named Teresa.  She's a BIG girl, close to 170 lbs.  She was found abandoned and had been abused.  As a result of this abuse, she was initially cautious of people and even aggressive at times towards men (her abuser was likely a man).  In the past 6 months, I have watched her rehab into a well adjusted and very affectionate dog.

Unfortunately, because of her size and her troubled past, the shelter has so far been unable to find her a suitable home.

She will be put-down this weekend.

I have tried desperately to rescue her, even offering to financially support her at the shelter until a home can be found, but the shelter has made up its mind.  In a last-ditch effort, I am asking for any assistance you might offer in terms of finding a home for Teresa.  She needs lots of space and a family that is comfortable with big dogs.

Please contact me if you have a possible home in mind and I would be happy to answer any question you might have."

Please help us spread the word - and let's see if we can help give this doggie a second chance. 

More doggies looking for homes!

Weimaraner looking for calm, dog savvy home.

This beautiful 5 yr. old Weim has not had a happy life or stable environment. Because of many changes, and limited training, she is anxious and skittish. She needs security, consistent routine, exercise and love - a home with no shouting, kids, cats, dogs or loud noise. If you are experienced with dogs and are patient, this "work in progress" might be the companion for you. She is healthy, loves walks, good in the car and house-trained.

*604-926-1842 *

4-Year Old German Short-Haired Pointer

I'm Chester and it my pleasure to introduce myself to you! I am a wonderful 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer and I am needing to find a new home. My Mom and Dad just had a new baby and if you have ever had one you know how much work they are and they feel that I need more exercise and attention than they are able to give me right now. So I need to find a new forever home . I love to play fetch and am a bit of a fanatic about it and I really do need to have an active leader as I have a bit of energy. Although I do love to settle down at the end of the day for a good long cuddle and nap. I know that my mom and Dad love me as they have taken such amazing care of me and are heartbroken at having to give me up. I have done a couple levels of tracking, obedience classes and get daily walks and hikes. I am quite handsome and am a svelte 50 pounds of muscle.

If you want to be the luckiest person ever and give me a new home please contact:

*Anne or Neil Henderson at 604-898-3345 or 604-317-6946

We're Hiring!

bow wow haus is a great retail store in the West End offering cool gear and healthy food for the urban dog! We’re now accepting applications from dependable, organized, outgoing dog-lovers! Currently, we are recruiting for one part-time position - (approximately 15-20 hours/week).

If you are...
- friendly, outgoing, and energetic
- reliable and punctual
- LOVE dogs (and preferably have one... or two)
- have retail sales know-how

... then we'd love to meet you. Send in your resume to info@bowwowhaus.ca ASAP, or drop it off in person to our shop at 1340 Davie!

Starting hourly wage - $ 10.00
Great discounts on food & gear


PT Deux

Another Weekend Photo Shoot PT1

May 2/09
BWH spent the weekend hanging out at local dog hot spots lapping up the sunshine. Get it? "Lapping" up the sunshine, ha, ha.

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