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Bowwow Haus

A Night For Lucky!

Join us for a night of some good doggie fun as we raise some much needed funds to provide Lucky with the veterinary care and front wheel cart he requires!

Thurs., Feb 10th
7 - 9 pm
1340 Davie St

Lucky is a chihuahua being rescued from a high-kill shelter in California. Read more about Lucky here. Check out how handsome he's looking now that he's in his temporary foster home - we're told he's doing fabulously, and we can't wait until he arrives in Vancouver at the end of January!

This special night will include goody bags for the first 30 guests, a silent auction, a ticketed draw for 20-40% merchandise discounts, lucky-tinis, super delish treats, a trainer's corner where your doggie can learn a new trick and more!

Hope you can join us with a friend!

Small Doggies Available for Adoption

Humphrey Bogart or Bogie (as his foster home affectionately calls him) is a little 6lb guy was slated to be euthanized at a shelter in California and was rescued just in time. He arrived in Vancouver in December, and is now in a foster home here.
He appe
ars to be a Min pin/Daschund X, and is probably 1.5 - 2 years of age. He is neutered, wormed, and has had his DHLPP & rabies shots. He has the cutest one ear up, and one ear down look (and looks a bit like Bruce Lee, we think!) He was in the shelter for over a month, and being in the shelter made the little guy a bit fearful, but he has come a long way in his foster home. The more situations introduced to him, the more confident he'll become! Since he was a stray, he does like to have his own separate food dish from other dogs.

Beaux is a 16 week old terrier/daschund X rescued from a high-kill shelter in California (and being fostered in Vancouver). He has long legs, so will be more terrier in height and may grow to be about 20lbs. He has had his DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella shots, has been neutered , microchipped and wormed. He is full of energy, and puppy playfulness, but once you hold him he just melts into your arms. He is a very smart little dog, and goes round in round in circles when he needs to potty, which is an amazing alert for training him! He is learning how to walk on a leash, and loves being outside.

General Lee is about 12 lbs and appears to be a tibetan spaniel/chihuahua X..... but, he could be a combination of anything! He is probably just under 2 years of age, and has been neutered, microchipped, is up to date on his shots. He arrived at a California animal shelter with a metal plant stand pierced through his mouth. Although he was initially very fearful of being picked up, his Vancouver foster family can pick him up and he is very affectionate when he is c

Here is a note from his foster mom about General Lee:
"He is really a sweet little dog that needs boundaries and guidance. So, a dog-savvy owner would benefit Lee. He can sit, does his business outside, but prefers to do his business while out on a walk. He is an active dog, and would require a daily walk. He would be good for someone whom even jogs or hikes. When he gets excited he does this jump and spins and spins in circles! He would probably be amazing at playing frisbee! He loves his squeaky toys, and takes his favorite ones to bed with him. He has also taken to dragging a cuddle blanket, or my older bath robe to snuggle with. He will actually pull my bathrobe up onto the bed to sleep on, and has even brought it all the way downstairs. It is the cutest thing ever. General Lee absolutely loves to just fall asleep in my lap. When I hold him at these times, you can see the sweet innocent little dog that now feels safe, and loved. It has taken some work, but he is now ready to find his forever home. I recommend a home with no children, no cats as he d
oes like to chase my cat whom runs from him, BUT he leaves my cat alone whom doesn't run from him. Someone whom is active, he does love playing with other dogs, and if a potential adopter has a dog, a meet & greet would be important to see if there is a match. He will need some time to adjust to a new home and family. We are probably the first humans he has ever trusted, and loved. I want the General Lee to be raised with all the love and patience possible."

If you are interested in any of these dogs, please contact pamela@tobegfor.com. An adoption fee (that helps cover the costs of rescuing these pups from California) of about $300-350 will apply and a home check will be required.

A natural alternative to chemical pet pest prevention + treatment

After having been in the doggie boutique biz for about five years, it's not often that I come across a product that seems entirely different and provides a natural solution that I hadn't come across before. Today, I learned about a new product that has be super excited (and of course, I immediately placed an order)!

The product is Wholistic Diatomaceous Earth (DE) - which consists of the dried skeletons of microscopic sea creatures called diatoms. Wholistic Diatomaceous Earth is a safe, non-chemical alternative to chemical dewormers and is an effective adjunct to any worming program. Wholistic Diatomaceous Earth (DE) works by mechanically destroying parasites and is a safe, non-chemical alternative to chemical pest control.

Composed of the fossilized remains of microscopic sea shells called DIATOMS, Wholistic Diatomaceous Earth (DE) kills insects by puncturing the insect’s exoskeleton (outer protective layer) eventually causing death. But being entirely created by mother nature, it poses no risk or harm to the environment or to our pets. It is designated foodgrade - and can be fed as a deworming agent, sprinkled on carpets & furniture for flea control, or used to bathe dogs with fleas. All entirely free of toxic chemicals - how cool is that?

Since (under the guidance of a holistic vet) I very, very sparingly use chemical pest control on my dogs - I am super excited about this find.

Wholistic Diatomaceous Earth will hit BWH shelves in a day or two. A 5oz container will be available for $12.95.

Lucky's Fund :: Fundraiser # 1

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing several fundraising activities to raise much-needed dollars to support Lucky, a 6-year old chihuahua in need of veterinary care and a front-wheel cart. You can read more about Lucky's Fund here.

To get the fundraising started, bow wow haus will donate $300 if we can get 300 new people to like us on Facebook by February 14, 2011.

Will you help us spread the word?

Let's Do Some Good :: Lucky's Fund

Lucky is a 6 year old chihuahua born with a birth deformity that causes him discomfort and that also makes him hard to handle. He is at an animal shelter in California and due to his disability, he was almost immediately slated to be euthanized.

A local woman who has been rescuing dogs from high kill shelters in California and finding them loving adoptive homes in Vancouver has found him a foster home until he can be transported here at the end of January.

Once he gets here, Lucky will finally get the veterinary care he deserves, and also be measured for a front wheel dog cart. Once he is used to getting around on his new cart, we know that a new
family will adopt Lucky and give him a chance at a pain-free, loved life - something he may not have known.

Lucky needs about $700 for this cart, as well as additional funds to help his foster mom cover some of his vet bills. In the next few weeks, we'll be introducing a series of fundraising activities to help raise what we need for this little guy. After having lived a life of neglect, we think it's about time he feels what it's like to have people see that he is special and worth the effort. In the meantime, please help us by sharing his story with others - and also the Chipin account that has been set up for him.

We will follow his journey on our blog over the next while until he comes to Vancouver, gets his new cart, and hopefully, find the perfect forever home. .

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