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Bowwow Haus

Foster home urgently needed!

A Foster Home is URGENTLY needed as soon as possible for a beautiful black female dog (lab shep cross) that has been thrown out in a dump - she has been nicknamed her Jennie Gem.

She is heavily pregnant and we cannot imagine her having her babies in this dump - if she does live. There are many coyotes around this dump and dogs like her will be taken down very quickly. There is also a risk that she could be shot to death as other dogs in the dump have died like this. This dog has been very abused by people and whines in fear when you come near her. She crawls/wriggles away from you and yet she is dying for attention. She was not able to stand up when the rescue group came near her because she was so submissive and scared. However, the worker got to pet her rump but she kept crying in fear. She will make an AWESOME pet for a family - she has such a sweet submissive nature. She is about 2 years old - at first glance.

Rescue for Life will supply all vet care, supplies (food, vaccinations, kennel, etc.), and will provide all training for the dog also. You will be walked through the process on how to help re-hab this dog and within in a couple weeks you will be shocked at the new personality you will see shining through.

Once her puppies are old enough to be adopted (8-10 weeks), they will go up for adoption.

Please forward this email to anyone who is animal lover. Through networking this deserving dog will find a foster home and get her second chance at life.

**Age:** 1-2 year old
**Sex:** Female, pregnant
**Weight:** 60 pounds (and furry)
**Breed:** Shep, Lab cross

Rescue for Life




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