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Bowwow Haus

Emergency Preparedness for your Pooch

Here are a few tips from the City of Vancouver on including your pooch in your emergency preparedness planning.

In a disaster, you and your pets could be on your own for 72 hours or more. If you have to leave your home during an emergency, don't leave your dog behind! Follow some simple steps and be prepared.

1. Get a license - and make sure it is up to date and securely fastened to your dog's collar.

2. Have a buddy system with a good friend or neighbour to heck on your animals if a disaster hits.

3. Prepare a disaster kit for each pet, including:
* a photo of your pet
* vet and vaccination records in a zip-locked bag
* if your dog is on medications, two weeks worth of meds in water-tight containers
* up to 2 weeks worth of food and water (canned food is better because the animals won't need to drink as much water - and don't forget a can opener)
* non-spill food and water bowls
* plastic pick-up bags
* pet first aid kit
* paper towels & disinfectants
* blankets
* toys and treats

For more information, visit www.vancouveranimalshelter.ca


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