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Bowwow Haus

More doggies looking for homes!

Weimaraner looking for calm, dog savvy home.

This beautiful 5 yr. old Weim has not had a happy life or stable environment. Because of many changes, and limited training, she is anxious and skittish. She needs security, consistent routine, exercise and love - a home with no shouting, kids, cats, dogs or loud noise. If you are experienced with dogs and are patient, this "work in progress" might be the companion for you. She is healthy, loves walks, good in the car and house-trained.

*604-926-1842 *

4-Year Old German Short-Haired Pointer

I'm Chester and it my pleasure to introduce myself to you! I am a wonderful 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer and I am needing to find a new home. My Mom and Dad just had a new baby and if you have ever had one you know how much work they are and they feel that I need more exercise and attention than they are able to give me right now. So I need to find a new forever home . I love to play fetch and am a bit of a fanatic about it and I really do need to have an active leader as I have a bit of energy. Although I do love to settle down at the end of the day for a good long cuddle and nap. I know that my mom and Dad love me as they have taken such amazing care of me and are heartbroken at having to give me up. I have done a couple levels of tracking, obedience classes and get daily walks and hikes. I am quite handsome and am a svelte 50 pounds of muscle.

If you want to be the luckiest person ever and give me a new home please contact:

*Anne or Neil Henderson at 604-898-3345 or 604-317-6946


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