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Bowwow Haus

hello, monday :: Sofia!

This week, we introduce you to Sofia - our daycare manager extraordinaire!

Why did you decide to run a doggie daycare?

They say if you follow your passion then it's not considered work! My passion is dogs & photography, I get both at the daycare, I pinch myself everyday! I feel very blessed.

Your fave part of the job?

There are a few, but the top three are:

1. Check-in time : the doggies are so happy to break into daycare, I just love how happy they are to see their friends, it always puts a big smile on my face, also I get morning kisses!

2. We love our 3 hour adventure walks, we go to Beaver Lake, the beautiful seawall etc as you can imagine, with so many adorable little dogs walking perfectly on-leash as a pack, we get photographed by many of the tourists that we pass by!

3. When we get home, it's time for treats, they all sit on the bed, it's the cutest thing ever! Then it's my time to send out all the lovely photos of our day to the doggie parents.

Tell us about your doggie, Sami. What are some of Sami's fave things?

Please, there's not enough time to talk about Sami, but I'll make it as short as possible! The love of my life, my sidekick, Sami is a 4 yr old Schmorkie, a Schnauzer mama & Morkie papa, very cute & very intelligent, her vocabulary is extensive! It will be a rare moment that you see me without her, she's very active, she loves to walk at least 4-5 hours a day, she loves to carry her frisbee everywhere, loves to retrieve her frisbee, loves to wrestle with Finn (a bestie at daycare), loves people, especially children, she has a very active social life, she loves all her BFF's at daycare, I'm very interested in agility for her, we hope to begin that very soon! It's all about Sami!

Best place for a dog walk?

We live in Coal Harbour, so the seawall is a block away, we can never get enough of the seawall, it also leads us into Beaver Lake & we are surrounded by endless trails, we love Stanley Park!

One piece of advice for someone considering getting a dog?

Do your homework & get a dog that fits into your lifestyle! How much time can you commit to walking & training? Will your dog be left home for the day? So many things to consider, when you have the right fit, it's the most rewarding feeling, it's a family member now! I wanted a dog that could go everywhere with me, walking was very important, Sami fits the bill perfectly!

What is Sami's fave thing/snack/toy in the world?

Her favourite snacks are the liver treats, dehydrated lamb lung, roasted yams & fresh red peppers. Her favourite toy is her Frisbee, can't live without it! however, she also loves the Happy Hippo, her hand puppet, as soon as we get in the door each day, she runs to the bed & says mom! Time to play with Happy Hippo & she's relentless, so I have to give her that special time...

Sofia can be reached at daycare@bowwowhaus.ca - and at our amazing doggie daycare that caters just to the little ones located at BWH West End.


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