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Bowwow Haus

Hello, Monday :: Meet Punk!

This week, we're introducing Punk - one of the store doggies at our 4th+Pine location! He's really the friendliest little guy who loves to play with all doggies - and would love for you & your doggie to come say hello...

Tell us a bit about Punk! What kind of doggie is he - and where did he come from?

Punk is a mix of breeds. Definitely poodle but after that it is a guess. Where did he get those ears? I call him a punkydoodle. Punk was a stray in California and landed in the Los Banos shelter where a plea to have him saved was issued – it was a place where he had little chance of being adopted. Pamela McKenzie (http://www.Pamelasdogs.com) scooped him up in a dog rescue transport in February 2011. He arrived in rough condition with a badly matted coat with dead fleas and other terrible things embedded in it. After he had an extreme hair cut and a little vet care he became a happy and charming dog! That is when he came to me.

What is Punk's fave toy?

Punk has two favorite toys. The very best is a plush tree-stump with 3 little squirrels that he can pull out. It is a game we can play over and over. I put the squirrels in he takes them out! The other is an odd ball with an eye legs and hair. He likes to chase it and then shake it in his mouth like he is killing it! So much fun!

His best trick?

Punk dances really well. Sometimes we have little dance parties.

What is one thing you wish you knew before adopting a doggie?

I agreed to foster Punk while I was looking for a dog that I wanted. I thought I wanted a bigger dog, maybe black or brown. I did not think I wanted a small white fluff dog whose happiest place is being held. What I did not know was how loving and how sweet adopted doggies can be. I think he knows how lucky he was to be saved from the high-kill shelters in California. After having Punk for about 3 hours I knew he was not going to any other home. Like all shelter dogs, he had learned to do his ‘business’ where he ate & slept. It took about 2 weeks of work to train him not to do his “business” inside.

Does Punk have a guilty pleasure?

Punk is a calm dog and loves nothing more than being held. He will snuggle into the arms of pretty much anyone. Holding him and scratching the sweet spot on the top of his head is the best way into his heart! He also loves to play with other doggies. No day is complete if he has not met someone to have a good romp with.

His fave spot for a walk?

His favorite walks are through the neighbourhood. He likes to check keep track of this favorite spots. He gets very excited about it all and we have to run sometimes to get there really really fast!


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