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Bowwow Haus

Gift ideas - Part 1!

As a doggie shop, we sift through tons of catalogues to find the coolest gear from around the world - and then get to see lots of doggies interact with our selection in the shop. Here are some customer & staff faves - perhaps something a lucky pooch in your life might want?

* a super-cool nametag: Handcrafted in the US with .925 sterling silver, this guitar pick-inspired, crest initial tag is a regal way to display your pet's identity. These are custom-made to order, so order by the end of the month to ensure it arrives in plenty of time to make it under the x-mas tree!

* the perfect outdoor gear for the active k9: My golden retriever, Lucie, has had her Cloudchaser jacket for about 3 years - and it's still my fave jacket that we carry. It's rain- and wind-proof, and provides good tummy coverage. As much as she loves romping in the snow, she ends up getting uncomfortable ice balls on her belly fur when we hike in the winter - and this jacket prevents this while providing comfortable weather protection.

* biodegradable, gentle doggie wash: Collars and clothing can be tricky as presents for other people's doggies, but a decadent, super-yummy shampoo is a perfect gift for any dog. We love the Cookie Moon line - the Sugar, Sugar Cookie is my fave!

* the plushest doggie bed: We've had so many doggie beds in our home - but this plush donut bed has been the biggest hit! Totally washable, made in NYC, and available in sizes for dogs of all sizes - Lucie and BL vouch for it...

* smart puzzle toys: This is a huge sanity-saver in our house during the holidays! Given the uber-friendly (or is it over-friendly?) nature of my pooches, it can be a bit overwhelming when guests arrive - so I load up a Leo toy for Lucie the golden and a mini-Leo for Bruce Lee my chi-yorkie - and we have about 30-45 minutes of peace while they play... and by then, the new people in the house aren't quite so new anymore, so it all works out! :) It's also my go-to gift for new puppy parents...

More thoughts to come soon!



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