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Bowwow Haus

Sweet "bug" pup - HAS FOUND A HOME!! :)

A message from our friends at the Beloved Dog Daycare:

"Carly is a Boston Terrier x pug. She is brindle and White and is an absolute sweetheart. The current owner finds it a handful to care for her because her family is not willing to share the responsibilities of taking care of a puppy and she cannot do it alone. There are no known health problems with Carly and she is 4 months old today. She loves dogs of all sizes and is highly socialized from being here at my daycare. She is loving, fearless and just a pure joy. I do not recommend cats in the home. A family fostered her for a night and she basically didn't leave them alone and the cats were very irritated with her. I would like to help this owner find a permanent home for her. Carly will come with a bed, toys and her food. Please call Lisa at 604-720-2953 for viewing. Please understand that taking care for a puppy is a life time commitment and I don't want to keep fostering her from home to home. She is up to date with shots for now but she is not spayed. I am not looking to re home her to a place who has interest in breeding her. Thank you."


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