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Bowwow Haus

10-month old German Shepherd needs love!

We aren't always able to post stories of every doggie needing a home - but this girl needs some serious love! She is just a puppy, and sounds like she's had a hard start in life. If you know someone who'd be able to provide a loving home, please see contact information at end of the message we received below:


Mariah is a 10 month old gorgeous unspayed female German Shepard. Jaw was fused on her right side due to trauma. She was only able to stick out the end of her tongue and has been hand fed since her injury. She was unable to pant.

Owner surrendered her to the SPCA. She is currently in the custody of West Coast Vet Dental Services. Jaw was operated on Friday afternoon at the TMJ site-pro bono. She is doing great.

The dental vet normally does not keep patients overnight but made an exception for Mariah. She is scheduled to return her to the SPCA on Wednesday if a home cannot be found for her.

Contact information:

West Coast Vet Dental Services
1350 Kootenay Street, Vancouver


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