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Bowwow Haus

Young doggies looking for loving homes!

All of these dogs sound absolutely wonderful - no issues.

There is a little baby in the bunch too. All were saved from a kill-shelter; however, the rescue group is very, very full at this time and are looking for foster/forever homes for these 4 dogs. The rep from the German Short-haired Pointer (GSP) rescue group sent around a description of the dogs - for more information, please e-mail directly: lichen-t@shaw.ca

The Best. 4 yr. old? I haven't cat-tested her yet, but she gets along with all dogs and just wants people to love her. She treats her toys with gentle affection. I'll be send her plush bone with her - she's so proud of it. She's a gentle loving little girl. She doesn't jump. I'm so glad I took her. She's definitely not a hunter.

She wants your attention so badly. She's probably only 7 months and spent the last two of them in a kennel, so she's afraid of other dogs when she first meets them. When I took her to daycare yesterday she was nippy with the other dogs and couldn't stay. Today the trainer worked with her for 15 minutes in the group and by the end of that time she was comfortable with 30 of her kin and running around wagging her little stump of a tail. She needs to be introduced to other dogs carefully and she'll be fine. Usually the daycare only allows rescue groups to have 2 dogs there at a time, but the trainer said it was OK to leave her there today with Molly and Lizzie.
She's a jumper. She jumps on people, other dogs, and can bounce on all four feet to a height of 5' from a standstill. She's a true purebred little GSP in every way. She wants to be a lap puppy and probably won't make a huntress.

What to say? She's a comical, loving, bundle of energy. She's 3/4 GWP and 1/4 GSP - the shelter knows the breeder. She's probably only 7 months as well, but both she and Pepsi are listed as 8 months on their health certificates.
She's had a very hard 7 months. She was sold by the breeder and then turned in by her parents - don't know why. She was skinny and sick a month ago, but is very healthy now. She'd also like to be a lap dog. She's a huge pup - tall and lanky.

He's the cutest pup - truly a baby. I'm so sorry he won't be able to go to daycare and run around, but he'll be wearing a cone until he leaves. He loves to be loved. He hasn't had the hard life that the girls have. He's a bundle of energy but calms down nicely when you hold him. He might make a hunter but he'll also be a nice pet.


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