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Bowwow Haus

An Evening for Dog-Lovers!

On Thursday, November 25, we are pleased to be hosting a fundraising event for A Better Life Dog Rescue. Two dedicated volunteers from this organization have been hard at work for weeks to put together a great event for a great cause.

In the next little while, A Better Life Dog Rescue are rescuing 11 perfectly adoptable dogs from overpopulated animal shelters in California that were slated to be 'euthanized' simply because there is no room to house them. By bringing the dogs to Vancouver, these hardworking volunteers are giving these animals a second chance at the lives they deserve with loving families.

We invite you to join us for an evening of delicious bevvies + desserts, lovely silent auction items (perhaps you'll find the perfect x-mas present for someone in your life?), shopping & socializing with other dog lovers. bow wow haus will donate a percentage of all sales made during the event to A Better Life Dog Rescue.

WHAT: An evening of sweet treats + silent auction
WHEN: Thursday, November 25 @ 7 pm
WHERE: bow wow haus - west end (1340 Davie)

Tickets to the event are just $10 - and 100% of the ticket price goes to the cause. I hope that you will join us for this event (doggies are welcome to attend, of course). If you can make it, please e-mail us at info@bowwowhaus.ca - and we will reserve a ticket for you at the door. Tickets are also available at our stores.


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