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Bowwow Haus

INTERVIEW :: Dina, our doggie muffin lady! :)

Dina Correale is the owner and founder of Victoria-based Endless Pawsibilities - and the baker behind bow wow haus' ever-popular doggie muffins! The muffins are an easy way to feed a complete, balanced, unprocessed diet - and is loved by even the pickiest dogs. We also have a loyal following of doggie customers with sensitive tummies who do very well on the doggie muffins. If you haven't heard about the Westcoast Canine Life muffins before, ask us for a free sample next time.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company. How did you get started?

Endless Pawsibilities is a labour of love for me. I started the company 5 years ago when I got my golden retriever, Annie. I wanted the very best for her and was concerned about what was going into commercial dog food and treats. I met the owner of West Coast Canine Life, who had Annie’s sister, and very soon after, I started distributing her amazing product. At the same time, I started working with a wonderful woman who has helped me develop my line of organic handmade treats and the new VaryBerry line of products.

The VaryBerry sprinkles smell so yummy! Can you tell us about them? How do I pick the one that would be best for my dog?

The VaryBery powders now come in 6 delicious flavours: Original, Banana Split, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crisp, Tummy Rub and Mushroom Medley. They are so delicious and nutritious, you can eat them yourself! Sprinkle them on your yogurt or in a shake. I’d recommend you try them all for your dogs – mix them up! They are all extremely high in antioxidants, heart healthy, and blood sugar friendly.

Most of our clients feed a very healthful diet to their pets, and many already supplement with some kind of a multivitamin. Would they still benefit from adding VaryBerry? What kinds of benefits could they expect to see in their dog?

The great thing about the VaryBerry powders is that they are just pure fruits and vegetables. Some supplements contain added preservatives that aren’t necessarily beneficial to your dog’s health. By sprinkling VaryBerry on your pet’s food, you are adding a boost of completely natural antioxidants to each meal. Getting your nutrition from whole foods is always the best way to go. The best benefit of using all of the Endless Pawsibilities products is you will be making fewer trips to the vet!

What is your dog's favourite Endless Pawsibilities product?

Annie loves everything but I’d have to say that her favourite treat is the VaryBerry Bison Liver Brittle and her favourite VaryBerry powder is Banana Split! !

Do you have a simple doggie recipe or nutritional tip you can share with our readers?

Feed your dog whole foods as much as possible. Stay away from processed foods with additives and preservatives. Your dog is truly what s/he eats!



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