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Bowwow Haus

A Night For Lucky!

Join us for a night of some good doggie fun as we raise some much needed funds to provide Lucky with the veterinary care and front wheel cart he requires!

Thurs., Feb 10th
7 - 9 pm
1340 Davie St

Lucky is a chihuahua being rescued from a high-kill shelter in California. Read more about Lucky here. Check out how handsome he's looking now that he's in his temporary foster home - we're told he's doing fabulously, and we can't wait until he arrives in Vancouver at the end of January!

This special night will include goody bags for the first 30 guests, a silent auction, a ticketed draw for 20-40% merchandise discounts, lucky-tinis, super delish treats, a trainer's corner where your doggie can learn a new trick and more!

Hope you can join us with a friend!


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