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Bowwow Haus

INTERVIEW :: Kris Robinson, Artist

If you haven't already, come by 1340 Davie to view some of Kris' dog portraits - they beautifully capture each dog's personality. Also, check out an extra special offer for BWH customers at the bottom of this post! We love her work - and so wanted to share a bit more about the artist herself with you:

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself... when did you start painting?

From a very young age it was my dream to be an Artist, and so I have sketched and painted for as long as I can remember. Somewhere along the way I became interested in design and decided to study my masters degree in Scotland. I moved here to Vancouver afterwards and worked for a design studio, also doing freelance work for a number of years. I enjoyed what I was doing but was looking to do something a little more fulfilling, something that would give me the freedom to be creative on my own terms. So about 4 years ago I began painting much more seriously with the intent of pursuing my passion as my career.

Q: How did you decide to focus on painting dogs?

Firstly, it was my love of dogs. I quickly found that using dogs as my subject matter was extremely gratifying, it was pure pleasure seeing their personality come alive on the canvas in front of me. What was more important to me as an artist though was that whatever I was painting made people smile, and dogs have an amazing ability to do that. Also, I know that for many owners our pets are equal members of the family, they’re our kids! I felt that through painting I could honour this incredible bond between an owner and their dog by capturing a special moment in time, and do it in a way that’s full of soul and modern.

Q: Do you have a dog?
Funny thing…. I don’t actually have a dog. I just don’t have time to take care of a dog right now. One day I will have a one, in fact I hope to have many. As for what breed it will be? Well, I have a thing for dogs with flat faces; bulldogs, frenchies, and bostons. Though I’ll most likely end up getting a rescue dog and won’t be looking for a specific breed but more importantly a dog I connect with. I have spent a number of years volunteering with a shelter and see so many incredible dogs come in, so I look forward to the day that I can bring one (or more) home.

Q: Most dogs probably don't sit still for very long! How do you capture them on canvas? Tell us a bit about the process.

This is very true, especially considering that it takes a few weeks to do a painting from start to finish, so I work from a photograph. I always suggest that my clients send me a couple of their favourite photographs of their dog. The process starts with me consulting the client, almost like a brainstorming session. We go over details like preferred canvas size, background colour, and composition. If my client isn’t sure what they’re looking for that’s ok I can always offer suggestions. From there I work with the photographs to create digital samples so we can narrow down the options and decide which way to go, this also allows the client to get a solid idea of what their painting is going to look like in the end.

When I start painting I always begin with the eyes because that’s where the soul of the animal comes through. I try to capture all the details that make the dog unique, blending realism with my contemporary graphic style. It’s my goal to create a stunning and special piece of art that captures everything their pet means to them. I want people to look at the painting and see the familiarity of their dog smiling back.

Capture your Pet’s Love, Loyalty and Soul

in a Truly Eye-Catching Work of Art

Commission a painting of your beloved fur-kid! Or as a unique gift for any animal lover.

Until July 5, 2011 Kris Robinson is offering Bow Wow Haus customers 50% off a commissioned painting 2ft or larger, and 30% off a painting under 2ft. Paintings start at $560 for a 1’x1’ painting. To enquire, please contact kris@krisrobinsonstudio.com


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Amazing work!

May 26, 2011 at 7:09 AM  

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