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Bowwow Haus

A very special little rescue :: Helen

Helen is one of the little dogs rescued from high-kill shelters in LA in February. She is a ridiculously cute, happy, blind puppy. She has been in a fantastic foster home for the past couple weeks, and is now ready to meet her forever family. If you are interested in meeting Helen, please contact pamela@tobegfor.com.

Her foster mom had this to say about her:

About Helen

My name is Helen, but you can change it if you adopt me… my foster parents suggest Ella or Hannah since they sound similar and I respond to my name so well. I am a 5 month old blue fawn Chihuahua mix. I have already been spayed, microchipped, given rabies, DHLPP and wormed. I am so adorable you will fall in love with me right away.

I am fully blind, but don’t let that fool you. I rarely bump into things and can get around my house great. So great in fact you would swear I can see. That includes jumping on couches and a bed (if low enough) You have to supervise me as I am mischievous that way. Sometimes I get scared to jump down and I will whine for you to come help me.

I am very brave and curious. I love to run and play. I am good with all dogs and my best friend is a gentle golden retriever. I love stuffed toys and can even amuse myself if no one is around. I would prefer a home with another friendly dog so I can keep playing.

New people and noises do scare me and I bark until I feel safe again. It’s important you do not cater to me during this time or I will become worse about this. Please acknowledge I am scared, but do not coddle and comfort me. I am not a human child and this does not work on dogs. (my foster mommy is a trainer and is helping me with this)

I am not a helpless accessory Chihuahua. I am a dog. I prefer the floor so I can play and explore. I do snuggle when I am tired and will curl up on your lap and sleep in the evening before bed. I am happy to have a dog bed on the floor under your desk while you work (or wherever you spend your time)

I do my potty inside and mostly make it on to my pad. Being potty trained to go outside would require the right style of home and a very patient owner, but it might be possible. My new owners should be OK to let me potty inside though just in case. I will never go on walks, but a safe yard is fine.

We have been using a clicker and some treats and I am starting to learn sit and down, but have a ways to go. Like most dogs, I enjoy training and would like my new home to continue working with me. Just because I cant see doesn’t mean I cant learn! I am a VERY smart little girl. It would be a shame not to put these brains to work.

My foster parents love me SO much and want to keep me, but they already have three other dogs and want to have room to help more foster dogs like me. I want to stay with them too, especially Oliver! But I understand my own forever home will be just as nice. My foster mommy says I am welcome back anytime for daycare, boarding or training help if my new owners need it.



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