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Bowwow Haus

Wanting the very best for our dogs...

Many long-time BWH clients would know Lucie, my golden retriever, a.k.a. the love of my life! :) After many years of hoping, wanting and planning for my first very own dog (rather than a family dog from childhood) - Lucie chose me one summer, and as all dog-lovers would understand, it was absolutely life-changing. Within the first couple months of our life together, I decided that I was unwilling to be apart from her 9 hours a day, every day - and I took the leap and started bow wow haus.

It's been a truly wonderful journey, but hands-down one of the best parts of the job? Seeing dogs who are so loved by their people. It warms my heart and makes my day every time I interact with people who adore their k9 family members as much as I do mine. I want the very best of everything for Lucie and my other dogs, and for their everyday to be the best day ever - and that has inspired the growth & new directions of our business.

A couple examples... I only very rarely used to take Lucie for grooming appointments because I hated the idea that she had to hang around in a crate and be there for 3-6 hours, when I knew they'd only be actually working on her for an hour or so. With our new doggie spaw, we wanted a caring environment where we use the best products, shower them with undivided attention. As a result, we only schedule one doggie at a time so we don't keep them waiting in cages - yes, this means we fit in fewer dogs each day, but we really want the best for your doggie too!

As Lucie gets older, in addition to feeding the healthiest diet possible, therapeutic massage will also be a regular part of her health maintenance. Massage will help identify problems early on, and contribute to good muscle & joint health. Plus, she adores all the attention!

When it comes to giving our dogs the very best of everything - we understand that beautiful collars and adorable clothing are just the tip of the iceberg. We are expanding our network of services with some of the best people we could find - so keep an eye on our website, and check out our range of services: walking, training, photography, daycare, massage, socializing & grooming!

** Also, we want every dog to be loved like this, and donated our resources to create a website for the small dog rescue we've been supporting. Check out Pamela's Dogs for some adorable little ones looking for their forever families - your donations from our Healthy Food Club have helped make this possible!


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