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Bowwow Haus

Dog-friendly Seattle

We're in Seattle for a wee mini-break - and we're missing our dogs like crazy already! It seems everywhere we go, there are dogs and even though Vancouver is a city of dog-lovers, I am so impressed (and to be honest, a bit jealous...) that dogs seem to be allowed in nearly everywhere.

After an afternoon of shopping in the adorable Queen Anne district (where dog treat jars seemed to grace every shop counter), I stopped by El Diablo Coffee Company for a snack and saw people sipping coffees, reading papers & working on their computer with their doggies hanging out by their feet. Totally my dream - especially in the wet weather months - I'd love to be able to visit with friends & hang out for coffees INDOORS with a pooch in tow. I know Bruce Lee would love it, and would sit nicely by my side, like the perfect gentleman he is.

(Sidebar: I ordered a 'limonada' at El Diablo - and they actually sliced & juiced a whole fresh lemon on the spot to make one for me - what a pleasant surprise... Mixed with sugar and topped off with fizzy water, it was super yummy & refreshing!)

Tomorrow, I plan on checking out a couple doggie shops... As I do a bit of research to narrow down options, I'm sad to see that a couple of the shops I had thought were uber-cool have closed down recently, not able to withstand the economic slowdown here.

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