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Bowwow Haus

Revisiting some of our fave Ask an Expert Q&As

We're busily working on our fall/winter editorial calendar, and in planning our future posts, we got to reading some of our previous Q+A posts and found some gems! Here are a few that we especially liked:

Teaching your dog a great "Watch Me" command - useful for teaching focus, but also comes in handy for taking great pics! :)

Introducing a new baby to your doggie - some great tips for helping to ensure a smooth transition for your pooch and babe

Preventing happy pee leaks - enough said!

We sometimes hear from customers that their dogs don't like to play. If it doesn't come naturally for your pooch - here are some tips for encouraging play!

Finally, if our recent cool weather is inspiring you to bake, how about some treats for your doggie?

Enjoy - and we'll be back with a new post soon!


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