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Bowwow Haus

a little peek behind the scenes @ bwh

This morning, I visited a well-established natural pet supply store in Seattle - a cute, small shop, but one of at least fifteen in their growing chain of stores. While I was browsing for a couple different treats to bring home for my doggies, I saw a great selection of natural remedies and healthy treats - but then came across icky rawhides and some green chews with a very questionable track record. When I commented on this to the store staff person, she agreed that they think it's crap but that lots of people buy them.

I drove away reflecting on how we choose what we sell or don't sell. Of course people can and will choose what they want for their own dogs. But, given that the shop had done a really great job of branding themselves as an authority on natural pet care, how many customers shop there trusting that there has been some product screening done for them? At BWH, we have a few set self-imposed "rules" - (ie. we don't sell food products that contain wheat, corn or soy, nor food products made in Asia)... but at the end of the day, our commitment to you is that we won't sell you things we wouldn't feel great about offering to our own canine family members.

Did you know that before (most) new products hit our shelves, we've been testing them in our homes for weeks and sometimes months?

'Tis the season of the largest trade shows in the pet industry, and my dresser at home
currently holds no fewer than 8 different all natural shampoos, samples from 6 or 7 new treat lines, and a huge basket of product brochures to review. We've been so busy attending shows, testing samples, reading reviews and chatting with designers, manufacturers & distributors so that we can feel confident and happy with what we have for all of you to pick from.

Tonight, I have a cosmopolitan cocktail-scented Leia (a not yet available sample) and a gleaming, extra-shiny Bruce Lee (bathed in our new black-coat enhancing shampoo - LOVE it!!) drying off next to me after their baths. I'd like to think our doggies take their product tester roles very seriously, but they most likely just love the constant stream of new treats and toys... maybe not so much the shampoos & ear washes... (here's Leia getting a bath - not looking impressed!).

We stay motivated because we love finding the next best thing for our dogs (and yours!) - and all of us get really excited when we find something really special. Keep an eye out for new goodies arriving in our shops every week!



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